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She is clothed with Stregnth and Dignity: she can laugh at the days to come.
Proverbs 31:25

In John 18:1-6 , we read the arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Judas told the army of soldiers who accompanied him how strong and powerful Jesus was because they all came dressed in full armor ready for battle.  Jesus fully realized what was going to happen to him, so He stepped forward to meet them.  “Who are you looking for?” He asked.  “Jesus the Nazarene.” they replied. Jesus quickly responded with, “I AM HE." Suddenly, the soldiers, along with others who came to arrest Him, drew back and fell to the ground!   Wow!  How powerful that is!  It can be so easy to read over this passage of scripture and simply move one without understanding what it means.  The Lord said that if thousands of soldiers would fall to the ground defeated at the words spoken, “I AM,” then how much more would these words empower us if we could just remember who we are in Him?  When we remember that I AM loved, I AM called, I AM chosen, I AM redeemed, then we can know that I AM EMPOWERED to do all things through Christ, the Great I AM, who gives us that strength.

The Lord wants all women to know who they are in Christ, so that they may live a life knowing that it is okay to have bad days.  It is okay to not be the perfect wife, mom, daughter, student, etc.  However, it is not okay to stay stuck in that state of mind.  When we fill our hearts and minds with the word of God, we can quickly realize when we are stumbling;  then, we can speak the promises of the Lord over our lives, and stand up stronger, ready to walk in ALL that He has created us to be.  When we begin to believe this about ourselves, we can push our sisters in Christ to believe the same.

Empowered Women’s Ministry is a group of women who come together to encourage, pray, serve, care, and love one another.

  The women at First Assembly enjoy getting together for different outings, brunches, worship, studies, prayer, and simple fellowship with a strong community. Empowered Women also pour their time and energy into serving the community, making it a core value to love women from all areas of life. Along with the many events listed above, each year, Empowered Women also attend both the Gulf Coast Women’s Conference (GCWC) in Orange Beach, AL and the Engage Women’s Retreat in Springville, Alabama. These events are hosted by Alabama Assembly of God, and creates an opportunity for our women to build community with Women from across the state. There are truly so many areas of ministry for women to get involved in that you will surely find a fit and fall in love with the ladies here.  Please contact below to find out how to get involved.

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