Summers at First Assembly

Summer is a season of warmth, adventure, and relaxation, making it an ideal time to deepen your connection with your faith community. Church summer events offer a unique blend of spiritual enrichment, community building, and fun activities. Here are compelling reasons why you should make attending church events a priority this summer.

1. Strengthen Your Faith

2. Foster Community Connections

3. Engage in Meaningful Service

4. Create Lasting Memories

5. Encourage Family Involvement

 As summer approaches, make a commitment to participate in your church's events—you'll find joy, growth, and a deeper sense of purpose in doing so. Embrace the opportunities summer offers, and watch how it transforms your faith journey.

Church Wide summer Events

Church-wide summer events are a vibrant tradition that foster community and spiritual growth among congregants. These events often include a mix of fun, fellowship, and faith-based activities designed to engage all age groups. 

Summer in Fuel Student Ministries

Services for Summer Games!!
Team Designs- June 5
Judging of Team Designs- June 12
Costume Contest- June 19
"Dual Night"- June 26
Glow Night- July 10
Short Sermon Night- July 17
Water Balloon Fight- July 24
Winners Announce/ Kids Crusade- July 31
What's Happening in Fuel Student Ministries this Summer!!!
Youth Carwash-- June 1
 Summer Games Begins- June 5
Laser Tag- June 15
Fireworks Stand Opens- June 21
Youth Camp- July 8-12
Bowling Trip- July 27
Carwash- August 3

Summer in Kids of Praise