First groups

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Senior Saints 

Our Senior Saints First Group is made of men and women in their 50's and up that love the truth of God's Word. They love to fellowship with one another and they love to ea a buffet of good souther cooking from each other's kitchen. They put god first, then fellowship. That's what keeps them strong and vibrant in First Assembly.

Young Married 

All young married couples in First Assembly are invited to take part in a a special  events just for you.  “We see such a need for connection with our young married couples,” says Pastor Randy, “and are so excited that we are able to provide this much needed time together.”
These events will include meeting at different venues for fellowship, fun, and food or sometimes they will be hosted in a different church member’s home.
If you and your spouse are in your 20’s  and 30’s and you long to connect with others, this is the perfect place for you.

Thrive Adult

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